Offering a line of models for progressive metal players, OD Guitars has designed the new age of extended range guitars. Among 5 different crafted models, the Cybele is a modern shaped single-cut guitar that has now the brand’s Natural Geometric design theme and is priced at roughly $2,100.

Other than being an aesthetically unique instrument which positions you in a new light on stage, this instrument is designed to play blues, progressive and metal tones in order to provide smooth and comfortable playability for the shredding modern guitar player and the classic blues/jazz player.

The new Cybele model includes:

  • 25.5” regular scale or a multiscale.
  • H-S Bare knuckle pickup configuration
  • Hipshot hardware.
  • Natural Geometric theme
  • OD’s custom tuners buttons.
  • Lightweight natural dried and stabilized woods.


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