Blues guitar great Joe Bonamassa didn’t just melt faces last week in Evansville, he also shopped at local guitar shops. The 40-year old musician has an affinity for vintage music gear. Like he’s done in the past, he stopped by a local guitar shop called Musician’s Den, 4612 Vogel Road.

There he found an old project that owner Tim Carter had tucked away for a few years.

“I had in the back. We were bs-ing about guitars and told him about this old Epiphone. I said, ‘Oh, it’s just an old project that I’ve never gotten around to.’ He made an offer. ‘I’d rather it go to you and do something with it,'” Carter said.

“Thanks to the Musicians Den in Evansville, Indiana for this Sabian clock and this 1965 Epiphone that will get another life after a little TLC,” Bonamassa posted on his Instagram page. Carter said the Sabian drum cymbal clock was the attention of many buyers over the last decade, but he never wanted to sell it until Bonamassa convinced him to part ways with it finally.

The blues musician is prolific in the blues world. He first went on tour with B.B. King when he was 12 years old. “He’s a guitar nerd. … The guy knows his stuff,” he said. Several musicians, such as Andy Timmons, Kerry King of Slayer, C.J. Pierce of Drowning Pool and Bruce Kulick of Grand Funk Railroad and KISS, have also shopped there on stops. Moore Music also recently hosted Chris Robertson of Blackstone Cherry. “They’re just normal guitar geeks like me. They just dig guitars. They don’t come in acting like their rock starts or anything else,” Carter said.

Rachel Goldman said Bonamassa also came into Goldman’s Pawnshop on Tuesday.


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