Antoria Rockstar EG1935

This model drew it’s inspiration from two classic Gibsons, most notably and obviously the double-cutaway body of the ES-335.

Antoria claimed, however, that the Rockstar had a “double sustain block” rather than the one-piece center block of the 335.

The two humbuckers, four knobs, placement of the controls, dots on the fingerboard – all signs pointed to the 335. To ensure a Gibson connection in the mind of the buyer, the Rockstar sported a cherry sunburst finish – not found on the ES-335 but the signature look of Gibson’s most famous electric, the Les Paul Standard.

The “Rockstar” design was appealing enough that in later years, after production moved to Korea, the supplier pitched the same model to other importers, and a similar guitar appeared in the line of the Chicago-based Harmony guitar company.