Gibson EB-0 Bass, 1959

The mahogany-bodied, short-scale Gibson EB-0 bass was introduced in 1959 at a retail price of $195, and early examples (like this one) share the body outline of the Les Paul Junior 6-string guitar.

The late 50s and early 60s saw frequent changes in Gibson’s specifications, and the guitar survived for only two years in it’s original form.

It was re-styled in 1961 (to match the SG guitar), and a companion model, the EB-3 was launched and it had two pickups.

A string mute was added to the EB-0, and a long-scale (30 1/2-inch) version debuted in 1969. The EB-0 remained in production until 1979. The headstock is decorated with the Gibson logo and a crown, both of which were inlayed.