Guild F-112 12-String

1963 saw not only the launch of Guild’s dreadnaught range, but also, that December, the introduction of it’s first two 12-string flat-tops: the 16-inch F-212 and the slightly narrower F-312. In 1966, an even smaller companion, the 15 1/2-inch wide F-112, which is shown here, joined these. Several other models followed.

The new range, which in the tradition of Guild, was competitively priced, found it’s way into the hands of many up-and-coming performers. 12-string Guilds were soon a familiar sight at folk clubs and festivals. They were later to win even wider fame, thanks to their association with high-profile users such as singer-songwriter John Denver, Steve Miller, and Slash from Guns N’ Roses.

The Guild symbol inlaid into it’s headstock is known as a “Chesterfield”, as it resembles the logo on a Chesterfield cigarette packet.