Martin 00-45

In response to demands for louder guitars, Martin introduced ever larger body sizes, although the size numbers decreased from the original Style 1. The 13 1/2-inch Size 0 appeared in 1854, followed in 1877 by the 14 1/8-inch model Size 00.

When it came to ornamentation, however, Martin remained content almost to the end of the 19th century with the abalone pearl border of Style 40 as it’s fanciest offering. In 1898, the pearl trim was extended around the end of the fingerboard to create Style 42. At the same time Martin added pearl-inlaid markers to the fingerboard, which previously had had no inlays at all. “Pearl fever” then took hold of the unusually slow-moving Martin company.

In 1902, a special-order 00-42 featured pearl borders on the back and rims, as well as, the top. The peghead, until that time devoid of even the Martin logo, sported an elaborate pearl inlay that came to be known as the “torch” pattern. Martin made it offical in 1904, calling it Style 45.