Martin 000-28EC Eric Clapton

A long-time devotee of Martin guitars, rock legend Eric Clapton first collaborated with the company on a limited edition model in 1995.

This was the 000-42EC, whose design was partly based on Clapton’s much-prized pre-Second World War 000-42. 461 of these were made; the number is a reference to Clapton’s classic album 461 Ocean Boulevard.

The following year saw the launch of a production “Signature Model” 000-28EC, which became an instant bestseller. It has a spruce top with Indian rosewood back and sides, and boasts herringbone inlays. It also has an inlaid autograph of the great guitarist on it’s 20th fret.

000-42ECB was launched in 2000, and the 000-28ECB in 2002.